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May 28, 2010


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Our first task is coming to our way already!! Sir Joel instructed us to work with Flash first. So, we started installing Adobe Flash with Adobe Acrobat (for reading Flash applications,), Adobe Dreamweaver (for debugging purposes) and Adobe Photoshop (for creating and editing images). But, it took us several days before we completely and successfully installed all of those due to network connections and system failures. In the midst of our dilemma in installing flash, we take the opportunity to get to know Flash more. We googled some sample programs of Adobe Flash and started to search for some sample codes. The first time we saw the codes, we were amazed because it is very much of a Java. There are some differences, like in declaring variables, but more or less, they are just the same. We told this to Sir Joel when he asked for updates and he explained that Flash is like Java because Flash also belongs to scripting language family and most languages fall in this category do not differ much when it comes to coding. So, we were glad that we didn’t have to study much with the basics of coding Flash because we can easily identify the functions with the help of our background in scripting languages. While waiting for a working Flash, Sir Joel opened another project to us related to flash. He showed a presentation indicating the specifications of the project; one for a hospital and the second one is like for military use where a world map is needed. Here, we will be mapping an area which shows images depending on a category selected in a dropdown menu. A tooltip will appear when mouse hovered to an specific spot (or image) containing the information about 1) a product’s description found in a department in a hospital and 2) a country’s contact detail. We are clueless of how we will achieve the specifications mentioned by the customer but Sir Joel is there to clear things and suggest possible methods to us.


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