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May 28, 2010

JOOMLA..la la la la la..

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Another day has come and we are still stranded with our problems in tooltip. But luckily, we are able to solve these problems by investigating what went wrong and what should be done using our fresh minds. We later on discover solution to our problems, also with the help of kirupa.com.  We organize the packages according to their functionalities and we make sure that all files and images that we will be using are all in one page so that they are accessible for all. In the middle of the day, Sir Joel suddenly asked us to work with Joomla. We explored Joomla and really amazed with all the features and functionalities that it can offer. It is a very good engine in creating websites especially on how it maintains and assures security of its users. You would not worry about the security, the appearance, the contents and other must haves of a website because a simple template s(that is downloadable) would automatically create these things for you. You just have to edit and/or add plug-ins if you want to enhance your website. Sir Joel preferred Joomla to its customers and confident with the application because it is easy to use, easy to edit, easy to access but can assure security to its users.

Sir Joel navigated us to Joomla in order for us to familiarize with its environment. He taught us where to go when we want to change or add some components to the website and gave some tips just in case we get lost while navigating. He also showed us the official website that we will be reconstructing and take note of the changes that we will make for the new one. Taking note of everything, he allowed us to access the admin page of the website and we started exploring Joomla. The automation and numerous features that Joomla can offer is very overwhelming. You can’t decide what to do first because there are a lot of things you can do and you can choose from. The result, along the way, you’ll get lost. But, it’s part of our learning process. We just tried everything and continued exploring its contents even though we ended up with the same page most of the time.


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