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May 28, 2010


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In our last few days, Sir Joel request for a developer’s manual. This manual comprises all the things that we do go through in doing the projects. On how we create the projects, the errors we encountered and on how we resolved it, the tips, learnings and other information regarding the project inorder for others to understand it also. Just in case they would want to continue the project that we did, they know where to start. This would also help us in our future use just incase we need references in projects similar to these. Sir Nelson requested to document on possible functions and applications of the projects we created other that what they specify us to do.

This experience is very very unforgettable. From the people we get along with to the new learnings we attained. I can clearly say now that I know where to go when I graduated. Unlike before, I just know that I’m a computer science major, I code, I debug but I really don’t know what my life would be outside UP when I’m graduated. Now, I was opened to reality and now I know where to go and now I know what things should I must do to be able to go there successfully.


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