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May 28, 2010

Of Views and Events

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Now things get a little bit complicated. I remembered there are some special requests among them a calendar widget. I don’t have to write a calendar program though. After reading some tutorial about adding a calendar to the site, I was able to get some idea on how I would implement a request.
Again, thanks to Drupal’s diverse set of modules, I am able to add a calendar to the site. However, I do have to extend or edit some configurations to satisfy some requirements. I have to duplicate a content type (called Event) and add some fields to it (which will later be accessible by a module). The calendar View too needs editing has it displays all date we made updates on the site. It was not an easy task though (at least for me) since I am a beginner with Drupal.
Then I was able to set it up and I was able to show it to Sir Edge.
Then he asked about the form. And I still haven’t started creating it yet.

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