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May 28, 2010


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In the middle of our Joomla exploration, I think Sir Joel felt that we need to make use our time wisely and distribute the workload among us so that we can be more productive in doing the projects. Sir decided to divide the team into two. Kit and Reg will continue doing the flash and Jomai and me will reconstruct the website.

While Kit and Reg are getting close to the specifications indicated by our user, Jomai and me are also getting close to mystery, hahaha! I was like spelled by a witch and always get lost so I ended up with the same pages when I was trying to edit something. And worse, even if I edit or change something, nothing happens.. more scary. L One of those is the chopped buttons in all pages. We can’t find where that button truly lies and can be edited. Another addition to our dilemma is the sudden down of the server. Most of the time, Jomai and I get page load error or network connection error. But thank God Kuya Carlo is there. We really get a lot of help and information from him when we can’t find the right page to edit or location to go to when Sir Joel is not around. Through the numerous websites he already made, he kinda mastered it already and Kuya Carlo always entertained our questions with a smile. While Jomai and I were strunggling on Joomla, Kit and Reg is about to finish the flash program that they were doing. And when Sir Nelson got a glimpse of it, he instantly had an idea of another project to make. Instead of a map, he suggested to make this tooltip a label of clothing and accessories of a model or foods and ingredients found in a food when the cursor hovered to that specific product. Instantly, poof! Kit and Reg are able to make Sir Nelson’s suggestion right away! Big hands to them.


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