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May 28, 2010


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I must say that you really have the patience in understanding the code and not just merely looking at it and do trial and errors. You may overlook the important codes and spent more time on things that is not vital to the program. And sometimes, you think you know everything but actually you’re just getting close to it.  I think that is the lessons I learned in exploring Joomla. Our problem with the chopped button was solved by adding width and height in the site’s CSS. We are also able to trim down the components that are not needed by hiding the components. We edited the php files of modules, commented out some of the code to hide these component. With that, we moved on with other specifications, like sliding of images in the main page and making this image and login form appeared in one row. Successfully, Jomai and I are able to do this.

Moving on, our end is near and flippy book is now haunting us. Sir Joel gave us the signal to start doing the flippy book since he is already confident when the project’s(the one with the tooltip) contents is finally given to him. So, we moved on in doing flippy book.


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