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May 28, 2010

Pimp My Site (‘The’ Site, rather)

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I guess one difficult task in web development is to theme it up. The theme, I think, will serve some sort of interface (not functional, though) between the site and the user. Though Sir Edge stresses out that it is not our job, we think we have to give it some look at least. While I am writing the modules for one of the request, Ed started out theming out the site. We basically edited a theme (again download from Drupal’s repository of user contributed modules and themes; the theme is called Marinelli, with subtheme Giordani). The theme is simple, basically main content on the center, two sidebars (left and right), and a banner. It was not that difficult editing the CSS to meet our desired looks.
However, theming the site is really a pain (I am not that good in designing. Our CS 192 project has an attractive theme but as I learned from the Web Development workshop, I violated some some standards on it).
Still, we are trying out best to make the site as presentable as possible.

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