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May 28, 2010

Some moments

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I’ll be less technical in this article. Below is a list of some moments on the cold Computer Security Lab (and the outside)
1. Joomla! (did I say less technical?)
2. Drupal (OK…)
3. Coming as early as 8:30am and going out as late as 9:00pm
4. Photobooth (with Ed using the stretch and compress effects)
5. Drupal Event and Calendar
6. Multistep form
7. First time to have lunch in CASAA (belive it or not)
8. Posing for a catalogue (I doubt I’m not in the chosen picture. The author is not photogenic)
9. YouTube (FailBlog, Awareness Test (especially the moonwalking bear))
10. E.E.A. playing Britney Spears and C.A.C. playing Aegis (sorry guys!)
11. Pizza!
12. Ed’s Plurk.
13. Arden’s Facebook app
14. Eng’g Elevator ride
15. S.A. Paperworks
16. Counting how many times we hear “Dude”, “It’s over”, “Dammit”, “Oh God” and “You have issues, man”.
17. The Simpsons, FF Advent Children and Hangover
18. Crammed 2010cs195 blog
19. A lost PSP (not mine)
20. Learning a lot (honestly!)

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