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May 28, 2010


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Finaly!!. We’re done installing Adobe CS4! After we installed all the necessary Adobe programs, we started familiarizing first with the working environment of Flash. The buttons, components and other features that Flash have. When we got to familiarize with the Flash “world”, we started creating simple program like putting images to the stage, adding components, layering events and the likes. I was quite got lost on how to put things where they should be, like synchronizing event(in timeline) and layering or images, code and other events. However, thanks to online forums, especially to kirupa.com, where we learned some of the basics about Flash, found the answers to our errors and clears our confusion. We eventually discovered that some Adobe Flash CS4 methods are not present or applicable in lower versions and ActionScript2 (AS2) cannot be use in ActionScript3 (AS3) because of its deprecated methods. With this note, we started to create our own simple programs. We started to hide images when hovered by the cursor and create a simple dropdown menu. Later on, we upgraded hiding images by using dropdown menu. An image will not appear if the category it falls to is not selected. After showing these to Sir Joel, he asked us now to get information from an xml file. I personally don’t know what an xml is and how it works, but Sir Joel said that it is needed in fetching information for our tooltip. We will get all the information from xml and load these information to the tooltip. From there, when all is set, from the hiding of images, creating a dropdown menu to reading from an xml file, we are now heading to the heart of our program, create a tooltip and bind all of these together as one. As we expected it ot be, problems and errors poured on us. We had problems on how to make the packages that we made communicate with each other resulting to a one program. We also had problems on how to make the tooltip stay in order to click the links inside the tooltip as it appears, and many more. By these instances, we decided to talk it over first, bring our pens and papers out, and organize our thoughts to be able to generate a constructive code to solve our problems. The day ends as our thoughts ran out of what else can we do to solve these problems. Maybe our minds are just overloaded with so many things and can’t think of something productive anymore. So, we decided to continue it tomorrow.


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