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May 28, 2010

Twenty-Eight Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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Three days to go…

I felt lonely walking alone along the pathway.

I felt lonelier seeing the ESD shoes that will never be worn anymore.

I felt loneliest realizing the empty table and four empty chairs. No one will be there anymore.

I’ve been thinking very hard as to what my top 3 feature will be all about. At first, I thought: Ahh.. I’ll just write about the three mystical 2NE1 songs that Dave used to corrupt my mind. But that was too shallow! So, I thought of another one. And with the request of Dave, I decided to feature the three ladies/women who played a major role in my life at JSP.

The 3 Exceptional Women (for me) at JSP

1. Ate Florian

I don’t know if anyone in IT knows about Ate Florian. Well, she’s our lady guard at metal detector #1.

The very first day I was in JSP (the day of my interview), Ate Florian entertained me as I waited for my interviewer (Sir Jovy). At a little amount of time, we managed to talk about my university, where I live (do I stay at the dorm?), what my course is, what my plans are. We also talked about her, where she lives (she used to live near UP Diliman before), what are her plans for her children, how long she has been at JSP, etc.

She’s the first woman that I have talked with at JSP. And since day one, we have been casually talking with each other. (Yet if that detector beeps, she makes me go back again. No exception for me. :p)

2. Ma’am Pat

Ma’am Pat was the second woman at JSP whom I’ve talked with. She’s nice and very motherly. Before she used to call us gwapings, but now, at the sudden emergence of my new nickname, she then calls me Paulskee. Oh well.

I render the success of my internship to Ma’am Pat. When Sir Jovy left JSP, I was without any project to do. But she came, and gave me a simple-looking yet challenging project that is doable within the remaining hours I got.

Ma’am Pat was a very accommodating client. Whenever she encounters a bug from my program, she doesn’t scold me but allows me to fix the bug with my own time. She always praises me, saying that she’s proud to meet good programmers like me. I know that I made a lot of mistakes with the program I created, but she understands that. She understands all the time.

3. Ma’am Iah

How I wish we both learned that we came from the same Alma Mater earlier!

During my first month at JSP, I always notice Ma’am Iah going inside our department, telling jokes, making fun of Dave, asking Sir Neal or Sir Jovy about something. As she frequently admits, she hoped she was part of IT already.

It was only during that one fated day when I got the chance to sit with her at the tricycle. It was awkward honestly, to sit with a boss-slash-ate. But then, she started interviewing me about my residence, my course, etc, until we arrived at a common point: UP.

She used to study at UP Los Baños before she transferred at AMA. She had friends at UP Diliman, and one of them happened to be an alumnus in my org (UP CURSOR). Now that’s a freaking coincidence!

Since then, Ma’am Iah and I began talking with each other, you know, the way an isko talks with another iska. She began joining Dave with his common joke: Lagot ka diyan, Magna Cum Laude yan.

I just thank God for that special day that Ma’am Iah asked me where I study. If not for that day, I wouldn’t enjoy JSP more with her company.

I must say that there are even more women that I’ve met at JSP. (don’t take me wrong in here please)

There’s Ma’am Alice, who called one time at work asking me where I am. She thought I was the one who was absent.

There’s Ma’am Ailene, who always join Ma’am Iah at our department. She’s bubbly and fun. Too bad I only got the chance to meet her after she was assigned to another branch.

And there’s the rest of them. I can’t enumerate them all anymore. Sorry.

That was my top 3. Now let me talk about my work today.

Today was sad, yes, indeed.

No one’s calling me with the original Paulskee Manolskee anymore (it’s Luiz, the pasimuno).

No one’s getting my ESD shoes out from the cabinet anymore. (it’s Kuya Kevin; we used to share the same cabinet hole for our shoes)

No one’s greeting me good morning anymore (it’s JR; whether he’s earlier than me or not)

No one’s laughing at my stupid mistakes anymore (well who else could it be? Of course it’s Dons! Hahaha)

But anyway, we all accepted that fact already.

Now, setting it aside, today was unexpectedly a funny, disturbing, and uplifting day.

First with the funny. It’s always funny at IT. There’s Dave;  just look at him. He’s the epitome of humor. Then there’s Moises and Alyssa who exchange their matitinding banat to each other. Then there’s Sir Neal, who scolds Dave. Hahaha! It’s always funny when Sir Neal scolds Dave. And lastly, there’s Ma’am/Ate Iah who manages to keep the energy alive when all of us are starting to drain out.

Then, let’s go to the disturbing part. Someone chatted with me today. His name was Shinta_815. He knows my name, he knows where I live, he knows my school, and he knows what I was currently wearing! Un-be-lie-va-ble! And disturbing! At first we thought it was Dons, because Dons was the anime fanatic among us all. (His name is linked with Samurai X) But then, when he started saying about the current, take note current, song being played inside the room, ahhh… he is inside the room. For some minute I tried capturing the IP address of my chatmate, try to catch that maniac, but then I grew tired and decided to ignore him. I have more stuff to do.

Anyway, this day was especially uplifting. Today, I got tons of praises from different people about my blog. At first I thought that only Dave can appreciate my blog. I put so much effort in writing my experiences at JSP, to the highest extent that I could accurately define the things that I felt… that I realized… that I experienced. And all the while, the response I got comes from one person: Dave.

But then, today, the world rotated the other way around. Dave suddenly told me that Ma’am Iah has become a follower of my blog. When I asked Dave, how could that be?, Sir Neal insisted that I have a potential in writing. Wow! That is Sir Neal! Then Moises adds that I should get advertisers in my blog so that I could earn from it. Did they really believe that many people are reading my blog? But God didn’t stop uplifting my soul there. JR told Dave through YM! that I am a great writer. Wow. Then after a while, Ma’am Iah comes in asking me for the next series of my blog. The pressure!


Knowing that people actually appreciate the things that I’ve been working hard for makes my soul rejoice. All of them helped me affirm myself that I should continue with what I’ve been doing with my blog. My heart sings hallelujah because I perfectly know where this talent came from. And I especially thank Him for this.

JSP · Eccl 5:19

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