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May 28, 2010

Twenty-Seventh Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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Last 4 days in JSP.

As my OJT reaches its end, it begins to get lonelier and lonelier at JSP. Today is the last day of the AMA boys. They have completed their internship. I felt sad when I learned that we wouldn’t be with them today. JR and Luiz are gone to another OB trip. Kuya Kevin wouldn’t come to work anymore because he wanted to rest. Their classes will resume this Wednesday. And JR told his brother Dons not to come to work so that he could save money.

So even if this is their last day, I didn’t feel it was. They’re all gone already.

During my whole internship, there were events that happened against my plans. And it kept me wishing that something else happened.

The 4 Things that I Wish Did/Do/Will Happen During My OJT

1. I wish Sir Jovy stayed longer

Sir Jovy’s resignation was a great loss not only in the IT Dept but to the whole company. His visions for the company are well-defined. Since he was gone, we all shared the thought that: If only Sir Jovy was here… and we’ll insert our own speculations.

Unfortunately, we don’t have control over what happened. Even though we wanted him to stay, we can’t erase the fact that people must leave for the company’s survival. It’s ironic actually to see the heads being cut off from the body just so the body could survive.

I can’t spill anymore about this topic; it’s quite a sensitive matter.

2. I wish the Company didn’t experience this tragedy

My heart is with the company. Even though I am only an intern here, I felt that I am somehow accountable to its progress.

Honestly, I don’t know the whole picture. All I have are snapshots of what caused the company’s decline. The day when Sir Jovy told us that he was ‘kicked-out’ of the company (along with others) I thought: what’s happening at JSP?

I remember when Sir Rom advised me to just continue my internship with him at UP Diliman. I know he understood how risky it is for me to continue with JSP. But I refused his offer not because I don’t want to. I was actually looking forward to working with him, especially during those days when I’m considering applying for web science thesis lab. But a large part of me says: just stay Paul. It’s by faith that I chose to stay at JSP. I knew the risks, I knew the consequences. But I believe in JSP. I believe that it can stand up again.

3. I wish the Canteen was preserved

Okay, I’ve been melodramatic with the first two wishes, so let me lighten up the mood a bit.

Upon eating the same type of microwave-heated meal from 7-Eleven everyday, I badly wished that the canteen was preserved. I mean, at first I thought it was okay without the canteen. I can still buy my lunch from 7-Eleven. No big deal! But then, as I continue eating the same kind of meal week after week after week, gosh! I need the canteeeeeeeen!

But I have to make clear that it wasn’t the caterer’s choice to leave. It was actually based on a survey answered by all the employees. How I wish they voted for: I want the canteen to stay. How I wish I was part of the votes.

4. I wish that JSP regains its stature

It was wrong for me actually to wish that the company didn’t experience its sudden declination. I was reminded of the fact that life is not always a successful journey. Sometimes, the greatest lessons we learn come from the darkest areas of our lives.

And now, all I’m praying for is that the company will not just survive, but will flourish greater than before. As I’ve said, I have great faith in this company. And my prayers are with here.

We are down to five at IT.

The AMA boys are gone. What’s more depressing is that we didn’t even have the chance to spend their last day with them. But who am I to wish that they stay longer in JSP? They’ll be going to school soon. They need a break.


It’s hard to see friends go; to see them move on to the next phase of their lives. But that’s life. Life is a walk. People will pass by. Some will say hello, accompany you for a while, until they go elsewhere. Life is unsteady. You cannot hold it with your hands. You cannot force it to stay. Because unless life walks, it will never live.

I must go on with my life, even though right now I don’t feel that I have the strength. With my friends gone, I’ll definitely be struggling to find happiness in the remaining days of my OJT.

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