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May 28, 2010

What’s on the Menu?

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Organizing the content was a different thing. You have to group the articles perhaps by the department they are describing, is a group of individuals being talked about, or whether it is about the College in general. Drupal has way of simplifying things. After some research, I came up with the word taxonomy and by taxonomy we are able to group the articles together. Simply said, taxonomy is way of categorization of contents in Drupal using a vocabulary with terms within it. For example if I want to group the articles about the different departments within the College, I will create a vocabulary called ‘department’ and under that vocabulary I build up terms to which I will tag the articles with, like ‘dcs’ (everything about the Department of Computer Science) and ‘ice’ (about Institute of Civil Engineering)(read my article that mentioned the difference between a department and institute?). I hope Ed does not think I am making things complicated.
At first we are at loss as to how I we will get the articles about DCS since dcs.edu.ph is down as of the moment (There, I mentioned it, Sir Edge, kaso late na). But I am surprised to see there is still a page<link here> about the department filed under engg.edu.ph.
We do not forget to eat lunch though. Come 12:00 we leave our desks and go to the CS Canteen to take lunch. During the past four week, I may have ordered meatballs on SSS twice, fish fillet on SSS twice, and sinigang twice. During those breaks we have the chats that made us forget our jobs for a moment (but we cannot take out CS related subjects. I even have chats like PHP and Javascript, Flash ban on Apple, or articles on touchscreen gadgets with Arden.
‘Back to reality’, as I frequently mention everytime we finish lunch, when we return in front of our terminal. Going back on the site articles, we managed to group the articles in a more sensible manner after looking at the modules inside Drupal’s core.
We finally created menus out of the articles and for the first time I see the draft site has a structure.

The menu


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