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May 28, 2010

WTF! (What the FCK(Editor)!)

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Having been decided what CMS to use (i.e. Drupal) we now began the project. We are rebuilding the College of Engineering Web Site and we are in need of articles to stuff to the site. Guess where we obtained most of the material?
The basic information about the College–profile, history, admin info, etc–were basically obtained from the current Engineering Site. The job is not that hard though (for the ‘worse’ is yet to come (can’t help but put that phrase ;p)) since the job is mostly cut-and-paste (with plagiarism out of the context) plus some formatting. Creating content using Drupal is just easy. You just click the create content link from the menu and you are redirected to a page where you enter the content of the page. If you are using Drupal out of the box, you may struggle creating content using hard-coded HTML. This is where Drupal modules enter.
Essentially, modules are code written (either by the Drupal authors or members of the community) to give Drupal its functionalities. Hence, the basic features of Drupal like form creation, blogs and content management are all powered by the different modules. As mentioned, modules can also be created by a third-party individual, among them the modules we downloaded to create context in rich-text format namely TinyMCE and FCKEditor (we have fun pronouncing the name of the latter). FCKEditor later became our favorite (despite the bugs we encountered).
Eventually, I have to write a module. More about it later.

The FCKEditor text editor

The author (pretending to write some content so that he can have his picture taken)


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