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May 29, 2010

Real Work

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Our real work finally started and it mainly involved copying content from the old Engineering Web Site and pasting it to he new one. One of the “harder” parts was giving the Site a definite shape and hierarchy. We also had the work distributed amongst ourselves so that we don’t get in each other’s way.

One issue we encountered was the lack of uniformity with the contents of the department’s Web Sites. Like for example, on Web Site will have a Downloads page while others wouldn’t. Or like one site would have a `Mission-Vision Statement` and another will call this a `Mandate`. So we had trouble on deciding if we should stick with the same content arrangement or if we should unify those content.

We also had a series of meetings during that week. One with the Computer Science Network and the other with the National Engineering Center.

During the latter, the National Engineering Center had a more challenging request. They want to “webify” how their clients get to sign up to their training programs. They also want a new Calendar widget. And since I have zero experience with PHP programming, I just silently shoved this task to Mervin.


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