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May 29, 2010

So near, yet still quite far.

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Well that was how it felt, as we neared the end of our internship days. We had been working almost nonstop for more than a month, and though everyday seemed like a very long day, as we reached the final stretch of our internship, there was still a handful of work to be done.

A day before our last day as interns, we did a run-through and an analysis of what we had so far with Sir Marvin. Apart from the few miscellaneous features that we hadn’t coded yet, he also noticed some things that needed improvement – like which fields in some of the forms should not be editable, and a few glitches regarding the database updates.

Before the day ended (but not without an overtime) we were able to apply everything that Sir Marvin had suggested, but still weren’t able to entirely finish the project. But there was only little work to do, and we were confident enough that we’d finish everything at least halfway through the next day.


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