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May 29, 2010

Version 1: finished and approved.

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Got to work early on my last day as an intern. Our project was almost ready for deployment — the application part, at least. The entire database had not been encoded yet but that was not part of our job anymore). There was still work to be done, though. I had given up on trying to use a single CSS file that would not mess up my design on different browsers and decided to use a separate one for Internet Explorer, so I used JavaScript to load up the corresponding CSS file depending on the client’s browser. I had only been able to test the web application on browsers such as IE, Firefox and Chrome and I’m not quite certain how it would look on any other browser. However, since the application would only be used internally, our supervisors told us it would be okay since all of the computers within the company use only either IE or Firefox.

After addressing all the concerns involving CSS and JavaScript, I handed the work over to Charmane, who did the necessary authentication needed. Logging in into the system was very important and we had to make sure that none of the pages can be accessed by anyone unauthorized. After finishing the authentication, there was only one important feature left that needed to be integrated to the system – the report generation.

We were developing an inventory system and one of the primary concerns that the system should address is the easy and convenient generation of inventory reports. This task was assigned to our other co-intern. The reports are to be returned in PDF format, where the inventory report will be displayed in a table. Until that morning though, there was still a bug or a glitch or whatever it was that we couldn’t seem to fix. When the table reaches more than one page, the contents of the first page will also be printed on the second page, and so on. We scoured the internet for a possible solution but couldn’t find one. I actually started panicking because we were nearing our deadline and though it was the only feature that wasn’t fully functioning yet, it was a necessary one. By that time I had also finished writing the project documentation, which states that the reports are returned in a PDF file.

We decided to seek help from Sir Marvin, who came up with another approach to our predicament. Instead of pursuing the PDF files, he suggested that we use HTML files instead, which could be printed directly from the browser. And so we revised the whole approach, and though with a bit of panic, pressure, and stress, were able to finish the code for a total of 14 buttons that would be used for printing reports.

I then revised the documentation, while my co-interns did a final round of testing and searching for bugs. And finally.. as the day was drawing to a close, so was our internship. We finalized the necessary documents and files, and finally handed them over to our supervisors.

NSCPi Online Inventory Management System, Version 1 finished and approved.

It had been a very fruitful summer indeed. =)


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