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May 31, 2010

2 days to go! (gym) >.<

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may24/monday: Sir Joel gave us another project, pretty much the same as the first one, but with an additional feature. Since my partner Aica’s already gone (huhu ;_; ) the three of us will be working together.

may25/tuesday: We finished  doing the flowcharts for our new assignment. Sir Joel checked our work and approved it. Then afterwards, I headed to Araneta Colliseum for my most awaited event: Passion Manila! ❤

may26/wednesday: We coded and coded and coded. There’s only a few bugs left… And! I got all the subjects (15 units) I need in CRS! Woohoo!

may27/thursday: Yay! Finished! We’re now waiting for Sir Joel’s code review.

~ Diel


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