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May 31, 2010

Chikka Week #7a — New Project! Plus a gift to my co-interns

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Looks like we’re not gonna idle on our last week, hoorah!

And I have a gift for my co-interns.  Please open it by clicking on this blog post.

File > New Project…

So last week, we finished our first project.  It actually took longer than it should have, now that I look back, but I guess a lot of it is due to the fact that we spent a lot of time studying, plus the idling as discussed in one old blog post.

We got a short briefing on our project last Monday, near the end of the day so it was mostly an idle day.  The briefing was quick, because the new project is very very similar to the one we just finished.  It’s different in some ways, but overall, everything we need to do is something we’ve done in the last project.  Well, at least for us, because Diel’s old project did not have the kind of functionality the new project had, so she didn’t have any experience with it.  Which reminds me, Aica isn’t here anymore.  (Baaa– no that’s enough baaawing :P)

We just needed to submit our flowcharts by 3:30pm on Tuesday.  We started working on them by that day, but it was pretty easy, since they’re just flowcharts, and is similar to what we’ve done before.  It took us roughly only 1.5 hours.

Started coding on Wednesday, and we actually got to finish around 75% of the work.  It was easy since we just modified our old work, so it was really nothing.  Me and Iehl had to teach Diel a bit since we’re basing the new project on our project not hers, but she adapted quickly enough.

Irrelevant rage

Why do people keep confusing Jejetext with 1337spk, considering the latter to be even “Jeje-lite”?  It’s something I saw on Plurk.  As a comsci peep, I find this highly offensive, considering 1337spk is older by around three decades, and is still being used online, while Jejetext is a recent local fad.  Jejemons making it on national TV, while trying to make it sound like a very serious thing, which made me bang my head to the desk (I’m looking at you, Startalk).

Sadly, no pics.  Diel hasn’t sent them yet.  It’s already Monday 1am.  😦

Chikka 4 – Mobile Internship Team

I wanted to do something special for my co-interns…  something that was thoughtful, and required effort, so I decided to draw.

The theme is obviously taken from Persona 4.  I really, really wanted to draw the humans in Persona 4 anime style, but I just couldn’t make it look “right”.  I had to redraw till I decided on simple and smoother vectors.  I finished redrawing the last version past midnight this Monday (May 31), I just wanted to finish it by today, because this week is probably the last week I can post blogs.

Heavily referenced pictures taken during the internship, plus pictures on your Facebook accounts, plus how I knew you guys.

Iehl always struck me as someone who was pretty energetic outdoor-person, although quite thin, so I had her strike this… Sailor Moon-esque pose.  Sorry if the hand wasn’t detailed, I just wasn’t in the mood to draw hands in vector.

Diel is the kind of girl who seems… uhh… “mahinhin”?  You know, someone who just smiles and giggles when she doesn’t wanna go with the flow or answer a question so you had to nag her a bit?  When she is standing up, she always seemed to have her straightened arms kinda stuck to the sides of her body, with hands bent upwards, and I tried to get that “pose” though it’s not really visible here due to arrangement and cloth color.

Aica loves Linux.  Aica also loves the Linux penguin.  She showed us the Penguin plush she imported from Thinkgeek one day, and I caught her trying a “How to draw a penguin” tutorial.  Not to mention, her FB avatar a week or so ago was her holding a penguin, so I think it’s fairly obvious I should have drawn her holding a rhinoceros plush.  Wait.

Anyways, sorry if I couldn’t do better, I tried a lot but somehow I’m just not good at this anymore.  Hope you guys like it.



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