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May 31, 2010

Chikka Week #7b — Farewell Parties

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Is it possible for a day to be happy and sad at the same time?

Clockwise from top:  sir Joel, me, Diel, Iehl

Project number two, done

We’ve finished most of our work last Wednesday.  Diel had to fix some bugs with her part, but she got to finish it by Thursday.  Sadly, we could not have the project deployed and tested on the live servers because sir Joel was pretty busy, but he told us to send a copy to him for code review.  I am not sure if we’ll still have time, but hey, we got to finish two projects!

Farewell lunch

We had a farewell lunch at Hann Mann at Megamall (we were supposed to eat at Eat and Go).  We rode the company van, which was pleasantly surprising, because I totally thought we were gonna walk from Tektite to Megamall at 12pm.

The other Chikka interns were also there including Aica, plus the ones who were stationed at the Makati office.  We didn’t get to talk much because we were seated quite far, but still, the lunch was enjoyable.  As usual (and unusual), I ate least, which always puzzled people given my size.  <_<  I don’t know why, but I somehow quickly feel full when I eat outside.  Sir Chito Bustamante was even there with us!  It was pretty honorable to have lunch with one of the prime founders of Chikka.

We had a bit of time to explore Megamall since we had take-out sundaes at McDonalds.  There was a booth in front where they showcased God of War III on big Changhong HDTVs.  The battle with Poseidon looked fantastic.

Sadly, Iehl had her finals that day, which means it’s just me and Diel left at the office again.  We basically just browsed the internet for the rest of the day while chatting.

Oh and hey, we also had a company general assembly.  Basically, it’s when everyone at Chikka gathers for some announcements.  They introduced the Chikka interns from the Makati office, announced some birthdays and some sporting events.  Us interns at the mobile department never got introduced because we participated at the fire drills on that day.  Oh, and hey Diel, sorry if I caused you to blow donut powder on your company laptop.  XD

Farewell dinner

Anyways, Iehl got back around 5pm so that she could join the farewell dinner.  We thought it’d start at 6pm… or maybe even 7pm, but because of the rain we had to postpone it to 8pm.  We ate at Congo Grill at El Pueblo, which marked an important part of my life.

I’m no longer a virgin… alcohol-wise. XD

We ate chicken, pork barbecue and stuff.  We also ordered alcoholic drinks, a subject I am clueless about.  I wanted “Tequila Sunrise” because it sounded very friendly next to “Zombie” and “Margarita”.  I also thought it was some sort of wine which I thought was lighter than beer.  BIG MISTAKE.  Tequila was actually one of the most alcoholic beverages out there.  I drank a quarter of the glass in one sip (not a shot glass mind you) not knowing I should take it a lot slower, which elicited surprised looks from my coworkers.

Me and Diel went home earlier than the rest.  I was worried about encountering problems finding a ride home, while Diel had her parents pick her up at Megamall.  My tequila glass was half full (or half empty) by 10pm when Diel was gonna leave.  I didn’t want to stay long, and we already decided we’d go together, so I sipped the rest of the glass in one go, becoming the first to empty the glass.  Surprisingly, it had no effect on me.  Alcohol Resistance: 100%?

Anyways, walked with Diel to Megamall, was gonna ride at the FX station at Mega B, while she was gonna meet her parents at Mega A.  We said goodbyes at the Mega A entrance, because I thought that I could cross the road in front of Megamall to Mega B.

I thought wrong.  XD   I had to walk back to the overpass behind Megamall to cross to Mega B.  I only realized after that I could’ve just entered Mega A with Diel, went to the second floor then cross to Mega A.  It’s getting obvious that I don’t go to Megamall often. <_<

So anyways, that wraps up my last Friday at Chikka.  Overall, it was a very very very very very happy day for me, kind of happiness I don’t get very often.  My last day will be on May 31 (Monday).  Not sure if I can write a blog post for that day.

Oh hell, who cares?  PICS NAO

There are a lot more pics, but I only picked the ones where any of us interns were in.  Might have missed some, but I’m tired now.

*looks at clock*

It’s 2am already?  I only have 4 hours left to sleep!  CRAP



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