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May 31, 2010

Memories of UNILAB Day 3-5

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This is about Day 3-5 of my internship in UNILAB Consumer Health. My program has started to copy data from the original excel file to the new excel file. However, the data being copied was the whole worksheet, and I only needed specific parts from the original excel file. This led to another search in the knowledge database and in the various tutorials that are offered in the internet.  I found some tutorials that said I had to name the range in Excel, but I couldn’t find this function in Excel 2007. Also, since this solution needed additional user input, which I was trying to avoid, I had to find another solution for my problem. Finally, after more digging in the internet I finally found what I wanted! This was the code:

Select * from [sheet_name$range1:range2]

I tested this code, played around with it, and finally I found a way to extract specific ranges in excel!


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