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May 31, 2010

Thirtieth Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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This is the end of my race.

Six weeks of training.

Thirty days of hard work.

Two hundred and forty hours of endeavor.

Fourteen thousand and……. okay you get my point.

Throughout my entire stay at JSP, there is one person who has been with me. He thought me a lot of lessons. Without him, this OJT would be a failure. So who is this person? Who could he be?

The 1 Person Whom I Owe My Success in My OJT with

It’s God.

If you haven’t read my blogs since day 1, then I’ll understand if this shocked you.

Honestly, I don’t know where to start. This is the only point in my writing where I have so much to say with so little to write.

Long pause.

My journey at JSP has been a long walk in a park with God.

It started with an invitation. He asked me if I want to walk with him at JSP. Of course I agreed, without any hesitation. Then, as we walk, he began introducing me to people that he knew well: this is Sir Jovy… this is Sir Neal… and so on… and I was nodding, like a child being toured inside a zoo. But hey! I’m not saying that the people in JSP are animals. Hehe. My point is, in a zoo, the tour guide knows a lot of things about the animals there. He knows their names, their types, their likes and dislikes, how they live, where they live, and until when they’ll live. And God has been an exceptional tour guide to me at JSP.

There are times when I try to be seriously careful, but then God tells me it’s okay… Dave won’t bite. Hahahaha! But yes, it’s true. Dave didn’t bite. Hahahaha!

Hmmm… in essence that perfectly describes why I owe everything to God. If not for him, then I’ll be like in a jungle, always fearing if some lion will attack me from behind. But God showed me how to deal with people, how to cope with problems, how to survive basically, but more importantly, how to enjoy.

I couldn’t have been more satisfied with how my OJT turned out. It’s better than what I prayed for. And it’s all because of one dear person: God.

So today is my last day.


Well, it’s Thursday… and it’s weird to leave on a Thursday. It’s just not right. So, I decided (since last week) to postpone my last day until tomorrow. One day wouldn’t hurt, won’t it?

So today is my second to the last day.

Dave isn’t here because he had a rheumatic attack on his legs. It is I, Moises, Alyssa and Sir Neal who are left in IT.

Hmmm.. what more could I tell about today?

There was heavy rain at the middle of the day. Ooh… summer is ending. XD

There was a brownout. Quite scary… but at least there were emergency lights.

When the electricity returned, we also returned to our normal settings. After a few minutes, Ma’am Iah came and asked me to edit the contents of the company website. Gee.. I’m not really good in English but I still gave it a try. After all, I have nothing productive to do anyway. This is what kept me busy for the day.

Tomorrow is my last day in JSP, for real. I will definitely miss being here in JSP. But in all things, there’s always a time to let go.


The Lord knows all of us very well. From the words that we are about to utter to the places where we are to go, He surely knows them more than we do. But what’s even better is that God doesn’t only know, he’s also concerned.

JSP · Psalms 139

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