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May 31, 2010

Twenty-Ninth Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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Two days counting… I’m near at the end.

We’re becoming used to the absence of the AMA boys. All of us are now focused with our work. Well.. they are. I’ve been finished with my project since last week. I strived hard to finish it early so that I could still have time to allow Ma’am Pat to test it. Here’s hoping there are no more bugs anymore.

Before I continue talking about today, I’ll go first with my top 2 feature… which is… all about…

The Best 2 of My Accomplishments in My Internship

1. The Source Inspection System

I am truly proud of us, Joel and I, because in less than 15 days we have created a web-accessible system that can really be helpful with the production of the company.

The Source Inspection System is one of the visions of Sir Jovy to systemized and automate the assessment of mobile units as they pass through the CSI department; which, by the way, I don’t know what it means… something  like control service investigator? Joke!

Anyway, here’s how it started. Before, the CSI dept used to input their inspection details via a window-based application that runs through a macro-enabled Excel file. These inspection details contain some info like the time of inspection, the barcode number, the status of the unit (either pass or fail), and so on and so forth. The problem in here is that the data are not widely accessible because the database is only available locally within the computer. And that’s how the thought of making it web-based began.

I won’t be telling anymore how we did it because I fairly explained them through my blogs. Instead, I want to congratulate us for a job well done. Even though our system is not going to be used anymore after the CSI dept was dismantled from the company, still I don’t regret making it because from there I have learned a lot.

One of the lessons I learned from here is that I work efficiently with a partner. Take note, a partner. No offense with my team in my software engineering class, but I believe that if we are to make the exact system with the five of us, it would definitely take us a month or so. And it took us roughly 3 months actually. Hahaha!

2. The Time Keeping System

Another achievement that I am very proud of is the time keeping system project that was assigned to me by Ma’am Pat. I owe her a thousand thanks for this because I have learned a lot, proved a lot, and produced a lot.

Doing the project was like taking another class of CS150, Cs192, and Math 17 all bunched together.

I used my knowledge in programming languages from CS150 in studying visual basics. Without the teachings of Sir Mike, it could have taken me years… well months… to code with VB. But thanks to Sir Mike, I only needed a day to learn the thing and woosh! I’m good to go!

I used my knowledge in CS192 as I dealt with my client, Ma’am Pat. Sir Kyl really did install a lot of life lessons inside me because I found myself asking the same question over and over again: What would Sir Kyl do? And it turned out that my client actually liked the results. Yipee!

About Math 17… well… I used it for the formulas. That’s all. But I still thank my prof, Ma’am Tirado, for the insights.

So, I see this project as a great accomplishment mostly because I applied all (or most) of my knowledge from school. What’s learning by the books if you cannot use them in real life? It’s like reading a cookbook without even planning to cook. College is not the end, but only a means in reaching the end. (wow, am I saying this?)

I am so proud of myself, but in a humble way, for being capable with using my God-sent talents to create two wonderful programs that resulted from my perseverance and hard work. I don’t claim everything as my own but I share these accomplishments with the people whom I have worked with.

Talking about today’s story…

In the middle of the day, the clouds began to pour out its tears. I guess they’re crying because soon I’ll be leaving JSP. Even the weather there will miss me.

Nothing much to do today. I just busied myself updating my blogs (Dave has been nagging me to post new entries).

One time Ma’am Pat called me to her office. She said she found bugs in the system. I was nervous… what if those bugs are severe? I might not get my certificate of completion by Friday. ~huhuhuhu~

But thank God it was just a minor problem.


It is always best to see the problem first before worrying about it. Just like what happened to me today, I instantly got paranoid without even knowing if the bug is really a bug. Turned out that it was just a cutesy lil bug caused by the low available memory in the computer. ~whew~ I thought wrong.

Stay calm, Paul. Stay calm.

JSP · Matt 14:27

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