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June 3, 2010

Week 5

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After a couple of days doing SQL for our earlier batch of reports, we received a new batch of reports to be laid out… ASAP! Apparently this new batch of reports was due at the end of last week and on Monday this week. So we interns had to leave the SQL to the other employees, while we finish our new task quickly.

Luckily the reports weren’t too complicated, and by now we’re already a bit used to working in Crystal Rerpot, so among us seven interns, we were able to finish them before the deadline.

After that was done, we received word that there was a change of plans. Ms. Jollie would give us the edited SQL files for the reports assigned to us, and we were to plot those on the report files. So basically now our task is to integrate the SQL with the reports.

It would’ve been smooth-sailing, except given the number of reports in the project, not all SQL files are ready yet, so we had to wait. Also, because there are still changes being made to the database by the developers/programmers, sometimes we get errors so we have to always keep our copies of the database updated.


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