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June 14, 2010

Thirty-First Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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In every single day of my stay in JSP, I have learned how valuable it is to be with people, to share with their moments, and to accept and be accepted by them.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to each person who took part in the success of my OJT.

To God, of course, who’s responsible with all of these.

To my family, I thank them for the support. (Cliché, I know?) Even though they wanted me to take my OJT somewhere else in Manila, they still respected my decision to stay in our hometown.

To my professors, Sir Rom and Ma’am Weng. I thank them for being accountable with my internship. Especially to Sir Rom, who gave me wise insights about how I should continue my OJT.

To my supervisors, Sir Jovy and Sir Neal, who both helped in raising a better me. I salute both of them because I see how brilliant they are in the field that we are all part of. To Sir Jovy, for always believing that I am a great person. He allowed me to discover things in my own way, and in my own pace. To Sir Neal, for the silent reassurance that I’m taken care of. He surely took a great deal of responsibility with us interns after what had happened to Sir Jovy. I thank him for being patient with me; I know I become a handful sometimes (or maybe most of the times haha). I’m so blessed to be handled by them.

To my partner, Joel. He has taught me a lot of things more than he could ever imagine. He opened new avenues in my life, new possibilities that I am now considering to take. I most especially thank him for humbling me and making me know that a person’s skills are not only measured by what he knows but what he actually does.

To my corrupter, Dave. Joke! I thank him for corrupting my mind with his playlist. Now, every time I hear Justin Bieber’s song, I get transported to my desk in IT. But seriously, Dave has been a great companion. With his seemingly foolish acts, I remember how fun it is to work, and that it’s alright to commit mistakes sometimes. I thank him for the appreciation with my blogs. If not for him, I wouldn’t have been editing and re-editing my blogs over and over again. Heck, I wouldn’t even be excited to write my blogs. He inspired me to write more. (But he gets a little to addicted with my blogs this days… hehehe)

To my web teammates, Moises and Alyssa. They sure did take my words seriously and by heart. I remember joking to them after I finished giving a lecture about PHP. They thought it was part of the lecture. Only when I told them that it was a joke did they laugh very hard. (Lesson learned, don’t joke with a serious face.) To Alyssa, for taking stolen shots of me. I like stolen shots. To Moises, for taking non-stolen shots of me. Hahaha. But kidding aside, I thank them both for making me enjoy my last days in JSP. Even today, when only the four of us (including Sir Neal) are left in IT, they still made me feel important, and made me feel that I will be greatly missed. Aww.

To the AMA boys. I thank them for the love and acceptance. Aww. To their leader, Jay. His smiles always inspired me to have fun while working. I remember meeting him the first time during my interview. He welcomed me as if I’m already a part of them. To his brother, Dons. Even though sometimes he scares me with his unusual mannerisms, he never failed to amuse me (or us). He is really one of a kind. Though the mystery still lives unsolved whether he is my ym stalker. Scary. To Luiz, whom my nickname originated from. At first it was only him who seems to enjoy calling me Paulskee Manolskee. Anyway, I thank Luiz for making me feel at ease in JSP. At times when I’m almost stressed out with my project, he’ll just call me Paulskee Manolskee and the stress will go away. It’s not really funny but the way he says it makes it hilarious. He has been a good friend. Always been. Lastly, to Kuya Kevin. He’s the root of all of this. If not for him, then I wouldn’t experience a great time with my OJT. Kuya Kevin has been my elder brother in JSP. He took care of me especially on things that I am reluctant to do. He always encouraged me to continue, to stay, to work hard, and to pursue my passion. To all of these guys I give my warm thanks.

And of course, to the rest of the people in JSP who made me feel that I belong. To Ma’am Pat, who kept on telling me that I am a bright child. Her words touched my heart, and made me more devoted with my work. To Ma’am Iah, whom I wish I have been close with since day 1. She understood me very well; how hard it is to be an iskolar ng bayan. Every time I talk with her, I feel like I really made the right decision to study at UP. I admire her for being such a true person. To Ma’am Ailene. Aww. I was moved when she finally called me by my name today. I always thought before that she and Ma’am Iah are very hard to reach. They’re so pretty (naks) and so successful that I wouldn’t mind if they just passed through without noticing me. And now, in my last day in JSP, they both congratulated me for a job well done. I feel so honored. To Ate Florian, who always made my day start anew. Even though I’ve been always late, she still greeted me with a warm welcome (and then she’ll look at my baon). To the other ate guard, who sometimes allow me to not pass through the metal detector because of my belt. She’s the one who asked me once how come hishchool students have OJTs already. I took that as a complement. And to the rest of the guards and maintenance staff who call me Sir. Wow. I feel professional.

I want to thank the whole JSP for this wonderful adventure. I really enjoyed being a part of this family. I am out of words right now simply because there’s so much that I want to say but words are just not enough to describe them.

Now, the kwento part for today.

Late na ko!

It was the only thing on my mind as I hurriedly went to work. It’s my last day in JSP and I’m late. Again.

I didn’t plan this. Actually, I woke up pretty early, just like on my first day. What consumed my time was finding a great attire.

One word: Fail.

My attire was almost good. Almost. But it failed. I had a nice green velvety long sleeve. I wore a silky-smooth, finely stitched slacks that fitted me perfectly. I combed my hair neatly (which I seldom do… I’m not really a comb fan). But I had rubber shoes. Yes, rubber shoes. So much for being formal, right? I had no choice because I left my leathers at Manila. Uhh. My attire could have been stunning. But instead, I look like a trying hard Korean popstar who doesn’t look like a Korean at all.

Anyway, it’s my last day. This attire would at least draw the attention that I’m aiming for. Hahaha!

Good morning Ate! Last day ko na po (sad face).

It’s true. And it’s official. Last day mo na Sir? Ambilis ha? I could not agree more. Time flies so fast I didn’t bother catching it. Now, I’m wearing my ESD shoes for the last time. It was partly emotional for me. Aww. I wish I could bring this home with me.

As I entered IT, all eyes were on me. But someone’s missing. Nirarayuma pa rin ba si Dave? I asked. And they all laughed. So Dave is absent. In my last day, he afforded to be absent. So sad.

I do not have anything in store for me today except getting my certificate of completion. 240 hours. Wow. It didn’t feel 240 hours at all. I guess I enjoyed my OJT that much that I lost account of time. This experienced has, for me, become a journey instead of a race; an exploration instead of an expedition.

And I will definitely miss JSP.

Clock is ticking. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Ma’am Iah, together with Ma’am Ai, came in our room and ordered me to occupy the last day chair. It’s where everyone about to leave JSP sits at and gets photographed.

Shutter. Click. Flash.

Remembering my days in JSP…

Smile! Flash.

… I thank God for these people…

O! Wacky! Flash.

… for these wonderful people…

O, stolen naman! Flash.

… who now take a part of my life…

Last one!

… a part which I will cherish till the ends of my days.


It all ended with a flash. Time flew so fast. How I wish summer is longer. How I wish I was required with more time. How I wish…

But every race has to end, every journey has to finish. I have ran a course in my life I call JSP road. Now, I am at the finish line.

Flag waves down.

It is finished.

I will always treasure the moments I’ve had in JSP. The claustrophobic pantry… the original canteen and the improvised canteen… the McDo delivery… the ESD shoes… the metal detectors (where I do my Michael Jackson steps)… the long walk from the CPIP gate… the view of Mt. Makiling… Christine (my desktop; no one knows I named her Christine)… the Lenka songs, the hotel 626… the forbidden facebook… the forbidden Queen Sheon Dok (but we never stopped him from watching it)… the Blue Screen of Death screensaver of Donsan… the Paulskee Manolskee… The laughter and jokes… The nakakapurgang 7-Eleven lunch… the birthday celebrations… the complaints of Ma’am Iah about him… the Silverspring outing… Odesk… the normal Yan ang taga-UP joke used by everyone except Donsan… more laughter and jokes… the 2NE1 songs… classical music… counter strike… blox… programming vba… black magic… ym chatting… happy tree friends (I almost fainted there)… CHM help files… php and mysql… starbucks (how I wish?)… the straw airplane… n-computing… Sir Fernan and Sir Rico (idol!)… grounded earphones… wordpress and joomla… Joke! (sarcastic)… afternoon breaks… the happy faces… the smiles… the cheers… the bonding… the friends… the family.


It’s hard to say it but I guess this is goodbye.


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