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May 25, 2010

CRS Week 7 Last Day + Reunion + Reflection

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May 21, 2010 marked the last day of our internship at CRS. We worked with our S.E.T. project tried to do as much as we can until it was 6 pm. We were treated for dinner at Napoli’s in The Block. The food was great. Kuya peter was there too. It was more of a reunion party than a farewell party to me. Since I was sitting beside peter we exchanged so much stories. I told stories about CRS and our internship while he told stories about his work experiences.


CRS Week 7 SVN Trouble

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One of the troubles we encountered while making the project was using SVN. One problem was with a file that many of us was working with. What happened was, when I made an update with that file, I got a file with some lost lines of codes and no conflict was raised. Our solution was to diff the current revision with a previous revision which contains the lost lines and then add it to the new version. I had a hard time using the diff command of subversion. Mary solved the problem using tortoise SVN which has a better diff interface. The next day JC introduced us RabbitVCS which is an equivalent of tortoise SVN compatible with linux. From then on diff became easier and better 🙂

May 24, 2010

CRS Week 7 “The Presentation”

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The first day of this week marks our second presentation. It is “The Presentation” since we have a vice chancellor as our audience.

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