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May 29, 2010

Version 1: finished and approved.

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Got to work early on my last day as an intern. Our project was almost ready for deployment — the application part, at least. The entire database had not been encoded yet but that was not part of our job anymore). There was still work to be done, though. I had given up on trying to use a single CSS file that would not mess up my design on different browsers and decided to use a separate one for Internet Explorer, so I used JavaScript to load up the corresponding CSS file depending on the client’s browser. I had only been able to test the web application on browsers such as IE, Firefox and Chrome and I’m not quite certain how it would look on any other browser. However, since the application would only be used internally, our supervisors told us it would be okay since all of the computers within the company use only either IE or Firefox.



So near, yet still quite far.

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Well that was how it felt, as we neared the end of our internship days. We had been working almost nonstop for more than a month, and though everyday seemed like a very long day, as we reached the final stretch of our internship, there was still a handful of work to be done.


May 19, 2010

halfway through week 6

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Good morning all. =) just taking a breather before another day of work starts.

We have finished integrating all the modules, but there still seems to be a lot that needs to be done. Now that we have the database and the interface together, we are polishing the features and continually discovering more cases that need to be addressed, and consequently editing or writing codes for those.


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