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May 28, 2010


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We started as interns in TradeChannel Philippines., Inc. at TechnoHub last April 13, 2010. We were four in the team, together with Reg, Kit and Jomai. Before we started, our operations manager, Sir Joel Eugenio, meets us first for a briefing. He laid down the projects that we were about to work with and introduced us with new applications that we will be dealing with, Adobe Flash and Joomla. He discussed a lot of things about these applications; the functionalities, features, advantages over other applications and the likes. We will be using Flash in creating flippy book and Joomla in reconstructing a site. He also mentioned the projects done by Jez, Tina and another guy, their former interns, and on how they worked with TradeChannel before. They were the ones who worked with the website that we will be reconstructing. We also talked about must dos and must haves when we were already working; like dress codes, time card, office hours and all. Part of that briefing is a little conversation about our lives and our background in programming.  Just a little introduction of each other’s lives. Sir Joel also shared some of his experiences in his work, a taste of real world situations, especially in dealing with customers and the value of time in our field of work. At the end of the day, we were all excited and at the same time super pressured in doing the projects. We were glad that Sir Joel trusted us in handling these projects and that briefing also helped us to be at ease with him, at ease with our work.



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In our last few days, Sir Joel request for a developer’s manual. This manual comprises all the things that we do go through in doing the projects. On how we create the projects, the errors we encountered and on how we resolved it, the tips, learnings and other information regarding the project inorder for others to understand it also. Just in case they would want to continue the project that we did, they know where to start. This would also help us in our future use just incase we need references in projects similar to these. Sir Nelson requested to document on possible functions and applications of the projects we created other that what they specify us to do.

This experience is very very unforgettable. From the people we get along with to the new learnings we attained. I can clearly say now that I know where to go when I graduated. Unlike before, I just know that I’m a computer science major, I code, I debug but I really don’t know what my life would be outside UP when I’m graduated. Now, I was opened to reality and now I know where to go and now I know what things should I must do to be able to go there successfully.


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On our last week, Sir Joel is back and Sir Nelson also visited us. We presented the projects that we made when he was not around. Happily, he’s quite happy with the improvement we achieved from the last time he visited us. He said that flip book is OK, we just have to fix some problems found in saving the file. Jomai and I are asked to change and add some components in the website. While doing these things, another boss came, Sir Carlo. Oops, not Kuya Carlo. J I thought he was just a another person who would give his resume and apply to be a part TradeChannel’s programmer.  Little did I know, Sir Carlo is the one of TradeChannel’s customers. I believe (from what they are talking about with Sir Joel and Sir Nelson) is one of the marketing team-managing or in line with the website we are reconstructing. They finalize the final appearance and contents of the new website and these changes are instantly escalated to us for revisions. There are a lot of words said and our heartbeats really gone fast. We admit that that day was the most pressured day ever in our internship days. Glad we surpassed that day, alive and still breathing.

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